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Luke & Kelly Lyons

Global Surge, Manila

What an amazing January and February and full speed into March.
Just a few days ago we launched our newest church plant pastored and led by Pastor Rodno Tamba. Pastor Rodno is a kind hearted leader and a shepherd who truly wants to reach everyone in his community. After his launch as I was commending him on his team, he immediately switched to talking about his area:

“Sir, this area has a lot of people (that need) to be reached. Even the local government staff has shown interest as we continue to start new community groups around their homes.”

Here’s a quick stat run down:

Pastor Rodno and his team started incubation of his church in early 2019.
He and his team have started and lead 36 community groups
157 people attending their groups every week
58 involved in one-on-one discipleship

Launched with 769!
– 440 visitors
– 79 volunteers
– 250 kids
– 380 professions of Faith!

Pastor Rodno now is having regular weekend celebration services and continues to be a light in a crowded and dark city.

Consider a partnership and then come and meet, serve, and worship along side Pastor Rodno and his amazing team!

Luke, Kelly, Scott, Everett & Virginia

WATCH A COOL VIDEO ABOUT Pastor Rodno’s Church Plant!