Dan & Toshiko Lockwood

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Vlad & Sherri Krupin met with the Lockwood family on Zoom recently…watch the interview below!

Dan and Toshiko are serving with International Students Incorporated (ISI) which is a ministry to international students. They focus on building friendships, connecting, and trying to help international friends enjoy their American experience while they are here. They also introduce students to the Bible and Jesus Christ. On Friday and Saturday nights, the Lockwoods host Bible studies. Using Zoom allows them to keep in contact with international students who have returned home, as well as current students studying in Oregon. Most of the students in their ministry are from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, as well as some countries in Africa such as Ethiopia.

They have four children: Eli 14, Evan 10, Malaya 17, and Elayna 18. Eli loves sports such as soccer, basketball, flag football, and cross country. Evan likes sports, ballet, Legos, and piano. Malaya plays the violin and enjoyed attending Music Camp this week. Elayna works at Baskin Robbins and brings home ice cream for the family to enjoy. In their spare time, Toshiko enjoys working out, and Dan’s hobby is reading and collecting old books and keeping in shape.

Their ministry goals this year are to be spiritually intentional with students that they are working with. They are praying that the Holy Spirit will help students to come alive in Him, so that it will spread and be the spark of a movement among their peers. The Lockwoods would love prayer for Malaya’s and Dan’s upcoming missions trip from the end of July through August 6th. They are headed to the Dominican Republic where Malaya will play violin and teach music to students at a Fine Arts School for underprivileged kids while Dan helps with English lessons and Sports related activities among other things. Another prayer request is for their Sunday night ministry hosting BBQ potlucks throughout the summer at an apartment complex where a lot of international students and scholars live.


Dan, Toshiko, Elayna, Malaya, Eli & Evan



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