Dan & Toshiko Lockwood

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Dan & Toshiko Lockwood
International Students, Inc.

Greetings, Alderwood Family!
Chinese visiting scholar, “C,” will have returned home by the time you read this. Yet we hope and trust that she will join at least four other scholars and friends who still “tune in” to Zoom Bible studies with us every week. Her husband and kids returned home earlier this spring, but not before being “adopted” by key church volunteers, who also regularly took her family to church. Though a “blank slate” about Jesus and the Bible when she came, her curiosity has been practically insatiable, and balancing life as a foreign scholar with a family can’t be easy. God’s working in her is unmistakable and inspiring to witness. Please pray for her and family to “cross the line of faith” in Christ, and to also find “live” fellowship in China in which to learn and grow.

Summer is a time of transition for some students. One Bangladeshi couple is transferring to a PhD program in Kentucky, where they asked us to find “Dans” there like us (Dan Lockwood, and Dan Smith, our coworker :). But summer is also one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets. So far we’ve gone rafting and dune buggying with students, and have taken some to the rodeo. While I also wish I had a summer break from Apologetics classes, they have nevertheless opened up and deepened friendships, like one with an Indian, Philosophy of Religion PhD student, from whom I’m also learning a lot.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to engage and interact with international students and scholars in these challenging times of negotiating COVID, its variants and sometimes confusing regulations. We have leaned toward more caution in our activities, requiring students who ride in our vehicles, for example, to be fully vaccinated. Let’s pray for attentiveness to the Holy Spirit, for all of us, that we would stay engaged with the Lord and not miss opportunities for fellowship and ministry.

God bless you and thank you for your partnership!

Dan, Toshiko, Elayna, Malaya, Eli & Evan

At the Eugene Rodeo (“C” from China is in the foreground)

Toshiko and me, at the Rodeo

Ethiopian couple (husband a PhD student)

Kids and cousins at recent Six Flags trip (Vallejo, CA) (From left: Evan, 9; Eli, 13; Malaya, 16; Elayna, 18).

With ISI Regional Director (my boss) and former Seattleite Simon (& wife Becky), in Davis, CA.

Vivian (Ghana) and “C,” dune buggy Oregon Coast trip.

Rafting with Eugene Chinese Church (From left: Dan, [Calvin], Toshiko, Evan, “C,” Eli, [guide]).