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Building a Legacy

On November 28, 2020, Alderwood Community Church turned 100 years old. With nearly a century of service, ACC has been exceptionally blessed as God has richly poured out His favor upon this congregation and has used its people to touch the lives of thousands of men, women and children in Lynnwood and around the world with the Gospel. But as we stand on the threshold of a new century we are fully confident that the days to come will be the most exciting and fruitful in our long history.

As we begin the next 100 years in the life of our church, it is becoming increasingly apparent that God has sovereignly and intentionally placed ACC in a highly strategic location.

Here are a few reasons why we believe in building a Legacy of Compassion in Lynnwood:

  • The city planners for Lynnwood have begun to envision a “downtown Lynnwood” to accommodate future growth, and our church is located in its northeast corner. As surprising as it may seem, we could one day be part of a “Bellevue of the North.”
  • City Center Apartments are just a few blocks away from us, and a short distance to the west sits the Lynnwood City Center Senior Living Apartments, creating a combined 600 living units within walking distance of ACC. There is certainly much more residential growth to come.
  • Lynnwood is expected to expand from 38,500 residents in 2018 to over 54,500 residents by 2035 – 16,000 new people! What an opportunity for ministry and outreach!
  • Sound Transit is bringing light rail service in 2024 to connect Lynnwood to Seattle (and eventually to Everett). The impact on our region is impossible to predict, but it is certain to be dramatic.

We may be a century-old church, but God placed us here for such a time as this!

As if to confirm our highly strategic placement in the heart of a vibrant and growing community, the Lord presented ACC with a brand new opportunity that will strengthen our Gospel impact in Lynnwood and beyond for decades to come. The owners of the CDS building approached us to see if we would be interested in purchasing their building.

The pastors and elders spent a considerable amount of time praying and discussing the exciting potential uses of this building, and the resulting improvements such an acquisition would allow in our present facility. They unanimously and enthusiastically agreed that this was a key opportunity God opened up for ACC’s next century.

There are several reasons why we considered this acquisition to be both wise and very timely. The three-story CDS Building will be a dedicated space for community outreach – outreach that will include a feeding program and other services offered in partnership with like-minded ministries and organizations in our community.

By acquiring the CDS Building, and through generous giving to the Legacy of Compassion Campaign, we will, and have already begun to, make enhancements to our current building that we believe will make our church more inviting for guests and far more useful for existing and potential ministry. We will be moving our staff offices to the new building which will allow us to expand our lobby to create a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere for guests and regular attendees, as well as relieve congestion.

In the fall of 2018, we unveiled a remodeled auditorium with the intent to enhance the worship experience and add seating. These campus improvements will benefit the members of ACC and the people of Lynnwood for decades to come. Lord willing, in November of 2020, the centennial anniversary of ACC, we will celebrate the completion of a campus purposefully designed to honor Jesus Christ. When members, attendees and guests come onto the ACC campus, they will experience the warmth of God’s love radiating to all, regardless of age and life circumstances. To those in the community of Lynnwood, our desire is that ACC will become increasingly known as a loving neighbor, consistently reaching out to the people who surround us. What a powerful way to complete our first century and launch our second in a manner that honors God!

If you made a commitment to give back in 2018 and you are giving monthly towards this Kingdom work, thank you for your generosity. If you are hearing about the Legacy of Compassion campaign and the Alderwood Compassion Center for the first time, would you consider investing in what God is calling you and me to do in this city?

Would you also pray with us as we depend on God to fulfill this vision in our city? Pray that we would grow in:

  • unity around our mission to spread the gospel and love of Jesus.
  • awareness of the needs in our community.
  • compassion to meet those needs.
  • generosity to reach our goal financial goal by April of 2021.

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