Kevin & Alina Beach

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Kevin & Alina Beach
Fellowship International Mission

Dear family in Christ!
Greetings from Mexico!
Since returning at the end of March, we have experienced victories in ministry like the big win of Edgar repenting of his sins and asking for Christ to save him. He came to Jesus just as he is…with a lot of difficulties. Yet, it was the difficult circumstances in his life that God used to lead him to the cross.
Then there was the huge challenge and difficult decision to ask one of the leaders (Luis) to step down due to circumstances that disqualified him to serve in the capacity as leader.
We also discontinued to use our church building as a church and look for a new place to meet. We would like to buy a place that would NOT be Kevin and Alina’s place…rather owned by the church itself.
We continue with the rehab center services. They slightly demanded that we come back and hold services there as they were very worried over the Covid-19 pandemic. They don’t care anymore if they get sick…they want the church service we provide each Tuesday! Praise the Lord!
Brothers and Sisters, the BIGGEST challenge and prayer request is for those who have come to the Lord at all stages of the discipleship process. We ask for prayer that their hearts would be turned toward the Lord, and that they would simply trust His care for them and that their understanding of the Word would translate into obedience and conviction to follow Christ!
Home Life: Pray for Wesley & Masha as they continue to work and make their marriage great. Taylor continues to work in real estate and finds other ways to make an income. Aline just returned to Liberty University to continue her aviation career.
Alina is an amazing, gifted women’s counselor and teacher. I’m amazed at how she has been leading the women to “be” women of godly character. I praise the Lord for her, my ministry partner!
Please pray that we find a place to buy that would be adequate for our growing church.
Kevin, Alina, Taylor & Aline

Planting seeds of the gospel at the rehab center.

This is “Abraham” the owner of the rehab center. Can’t count how many times he has heard the gospel. Pray that the Holy Spirit drives out the rebellion inside of him.

Hugo & Vicky on the left Ricardo & Luz on the right. Both families had babies while we were on furlough last year.

The youth group of Ministerio de Vida Nueva! (Aline on far left)

Visiting families in the church to help bring harmony and good will with games.

Alina and I are also teaching a couples bible study each month to help married couples stand on the foundational ground of God’s Word in their commitment to one another.