John & Barb Whitehouse

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John & Barb Whitehouse
CRU/Bridges International
We are having a lot of exciting things happening at Everett Community College with international students! This year there has been a shift in spiritual interest. Many more students seem to have soft hearts towards spiritual things and we are seeing more Japanese students open to the gospel! I’ve (Barb) been meeting with a Japanese gal for Bible study. One day after I had pointed out about God’s goodness she said with a smile, “I like God!” I replied, “I like Him too!”

Yoon, one of our Korean students, has been faithfully involved in our Bridges International club for over a year. He regularly has attended Snohomish Community Church with one of our volunteers, Don. Don and another volunteer, Jim, have spent a significant amount of time with Yoon who quickly showed spiritual interest. Often, after church, he would ask Pastor Fred Williams questions about the message. Finally, one day last November, our volunteer, Jim, came up to me and said, “Come and pray with us, Yoon is ready to receive Christ!” About 12 of us gathered around as Pastor Gordon Everett led Yoon in prayer and he received the Lord! Right next to Yoon was a new Japanese student observing the whole thing! Afterwards, Gordon and I were marveling at what had taken place. Gordon said, “It’s really the body of Christ working together for this to happen.” It truly is the body working together in partnership. And Alderwood also had a part in this through your giving and prayers! In January, Yoon and another student, Amelia, were baptized at SCC and they had about 23 people come whom they had invited.

March 21-26 the Bridges International staff will be taking 35 students from around the Seattle area to Paradise, California for a service trip. We would appreciate your prayers.

We are so grateful for your partnership!
John & Barb