John & Barb Whitehouse

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John & Barb Whitehouse
CRU/Bridges International

Life in ministry is always challenging. Suddenly, due to Covid, mid-March ministry became even more stretching. Many students returned home and for those who remained, I (Barb) couldn’t meet in person for 2½ months. For an extrovert, Zoom was exhausting, and I missed the students immensely! Once summer arrived, I began having students to our home again out on the back deck. One of those students was Kotoko whom I had met with for Bible study since January. Her interest in Jesus has grown. Please pray for her to overcome the fear of her family’s reaction if she comes to the Lord.
My significance is not in what I produce but in who I am in Christ, nevertheless, I grieved over the losses of what I had worked so hard to build in the ministry. Now I’m feeling a shift in my heart and things are looking up! I have challenged two students to leadership (will be challenging a third) and we have at least 10 volunteers eager to continue reaching out to the students. We have identified 15 students whom we have had contact with the last six months who are still in town, and students will be working to identify more. We will have Talk Time on Zoom every other week and the opposite week, each volunteer will “adopt” a few students each to have them over to their homes for dinner and games. This provides an excellent opportunity for them to feel loved and for good conversations.
Our family highlight this summer was our daughter Amy’s wedding on July 18! Our other daughter, Rebekah’s beautiful backyard provided the perfect setting for probably what was the most beautiful day of the summer. 33 guests including immediate family and Ryan and Amy’s closest friends came to celebrate their union. The night before, all 33 gathered in our back yard for a rehearsal dinner. We are most grateful to so many who had prayed for a special day!

John & Barb

A birthday party for Kotoko

Amy & Ryan’s Wedding