Jeff & Sheny Walker

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Jeff & Sheny Walker
Fellowship International Mission

Dear Alderwood Friends,
We are trusting in the Lord to work in Mexico during these difficult times with Covid-19. Our Sunday and mid-week meetings stopped back in mid-March. Since then we have had to be creative. Almost none of the church people and kids have internet at home, so online services are not possible. We have been giving out Bible lesson booklets, with 12 lessons each, so they can do them at home. Then, if they do the lessons, they get a prize and we give them another Bible lesson booklet. The moms are helping the younger kids with the reading of the Bible stories. Most of them are not believers, so hopefully they will learn about the Bible through reading to their children.
We are also giving out food baskets for those in need. The Covid-19 cases continue to rise here in Mexico as well as the number of deaths. Pray for God to have mercy on Mexico and to save them physically from death as they call upon the Lord. Also pray for the Lord to open the hearts of the people here to the Gospel and that many will realize their need of Jesus as their Savior.
With limited social involvement and opportunity to work directly with people, I (Jeff) have been able to have more time for catching up on the many work projects we have at our Christian Camp. I have been working about as hard as I can, trying to not overdo it (in order to not cause back problems). Pray that I can continue to make good progress on improving the camp.
On Father’s Day, our youngest daughter, Tiffany Walton, gave birth to their first child (our sixth grandson). After God blessed us with four daughters, He has now blessed us with six grandsons. We praise the Lord for His many blessings.
Thanks so much for continuing to pray for us and support us in the ministry here to Mexicans.
Jeff & Sheny

Sheny with the church women.

Kids’ Club.

Our new grandson, Walker.