Greg & LuAnn Lyons

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Greg & LuAnn Lyons
Global Surge, Manila

Your Generosity Results in Life Change!
When the Covid-19 Pandemic descended on Metro Manila and Southeast Asia, God showed us some incredible opportunities! Two obvious needs presented themselves to us and you responded!
Over 50 Congregations Sustained
The economic impact of the Covid-19 quarantine cannot be over-estimated! With nearly 90% of all our congregations’ offerings coming in through weekend services, the churches and pastors in our multi-site church began to suffer. Thanks to your help, we have been able to provide financial help to the pastors who continue to serve the Lord! Pastor Wilson said, “The help made a difference in my family! Also, the testimony of God’s supply has impacted all of our members and even the lost people around us!”
Over 5,000 Families Rescued and 2,500 Souls Saved Through Relief Efforts
The combination of job loss, stay at home orders, and general poverty has caused many people to suffer major hunger and financial loss! Global Surge has aggressively served our communities! We have provided relief to daily wage earners who have lost all their income, single mothers who had no means to provide food for their children, and many others who simply were unable to buy food due to lack of public transportation!
With each relief delivery, we prayed for the family and shared the Gospel! God blessed with over 2,500 people praying for salvation during this pandemic! WOW! You cannot stop the Gospel! Enjoy and share the video in this email, you will be encouraged!
Needs & Opportunities Continue
The economic shut down in Asia has continued for four months. As of this letter, we do not have word when we will be able to resume public services. We are in need of another round of relief and pastoral help. Please consider partnering again!
Help an Asian Church overcome their drop in offerings. $200 will sustain a church for two months. Goal: Help 50 churches.
Bring relief to families. $50 will help 50 families with food for a day. Goal: Help 10,000 Families
As God leads, please visit to donate.
Greg & LuAnn

Ocercoming the Coronavirus in Manila – Click HERE for video!