Paul & Liz Godwin

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Dana & Vivian Huff met on Zoom with our missionaries Paul & Liz Godwin recently…read & watch the interview below.

We’ve known Liz and Paul since before they were married and have watched God lead them into International Student ministry. Liz played a key part in us becoming involved with students after we returned from our stint as missionaries in Spain.

When I think of Liz, a word that comes to mind is “networker”. I’m so amazed at her ability in this area. When we have a student returning to Japan who is interested in going to church, Liz is our “go to” person because she has developed a list of good churches there. Japanese people generally won’t go to a church unless they are personally invited, so Liz also knows the pastors of the churches who can personally invite the student to attend. We have had students who have come to church with us at ACC regularly who haven’t made a decision for Christ until they return home. They go to a Japanese church and then make that decision. This is why the networking piece is so key in student ministry.

Another thing that impresses me about the Godwins is their dedication to the ministry. Liz has been International Student Inc. Seattle City Director, a co-founder of Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) conferences, running International Christian Fellowship (ICF) Bible studies, involved in Talk Time and more – all at one time! The energy she puts out on these things makes my head spin because she does a great job with all of them. Paul, having been to seminary, has planned Bible studies for ICF, is enthusiastic about student ministry, puts up with all the hours Liz spends working, and is there as support in every way.

We are so thankful for Liz and Paul taking the lead with ICF Bible study which is a crucial part of our student ministry. We would be lost without them. We are very glad to be partnering with them.

Vivian and Dana Huff


Paul & Liz Godwin


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