Josiah Glesener

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Josiah Glesener
Cru at UC San Diego

Church family,
The Lord is so good. I wish I could be gathered with you today to celebrate Jesus’ rising from the dead! I am praying for you all to have joy today and renewal of hearts during this transition back to normal life.
Wrapping up with Cru: My time with Cru is approaching its last stretch as I transition to longterm missions overseas. I feel it deeply—even though it’s still 4 months away. I have felt a unique mix of sadness and gratitude as I finish up. Sadness in the tearful goodbyes to the Cru San Diego staff team who has faithfully served with me the past 6 years: particularly Jon, Keegan, and Jose. Sadness in those who I’ve prayed for who haven’t fully committed their lives to Christ: Jared, Edwin, Jonathan, and Garrett. Yet gratitude as I reflect on some of those who accepted Christ for the first time: Keven, Chloe, Kevin Q, Liam, Daniel, Gustavo, Logan, Nana. Keven accepted Christ in Cru a couple years ago, met with me in discipleship, helped launch movements at two colleges, and is now getting baptized—what a joy to be a part of! Gratitude for those will continue the work, like Jose and Cody, men I’ve discipled and lived with, and who will serve with Cru next year. Gratitude for the praying hands at Alderwood church as you’ve faithfully stood with me through this journey.
Missionary School: I got accepted to a missionary training school that starts August 21! I will be moving to live on their campus in Mexico with 60-70 other students who are preparing to go overseas long-term. The training school is 10 months long and prepares missionaries for long-term church-planting to unreached people groups—I am so excited! Afterward I hope to head out to Southeast Asia long term, Lord willing!
Hopeful Ministry Timeline
Present – July 2021: Finish with Cru. Finish business school.
Aug. 2021 – June 2022: Attend missionary school. Choose location and missions agency.
June 2022 and Beyond: Raise up ministry team. Head overseas.


Keven, who accepted Christ two years ago and has met with me in discipleship since, serving at an event with another Cru student Dani. Keven is planning to be baptized in the next couple months!

Hanging out with Jose, a student I lived with and discipled and now has become a close friend. He is continuing the work with Cru next year.

Here are some of the guys I get to disciple (L to R: Evan, Matt, Justin, Harrison, Brenden).

This month I took a trip down to the missionary school in Mexico with some friends who are thinking of going as well. Here is the rooftop of the school!

Here is a picture of the in-class training at the missionary school. The speaker is giving a talk on the importance of being closely knit to your local church as a missionary.