Manny & Glenda Fernandez

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Manny & Glenda Fernandez
World Link Ministries

Dear Alderwood family, We are the Fernandez. We have been missionaries with Alderwood for over three decades!

When we first came we had only one child. We were a young couple with lots of dreams! Today we have seen those dreams become explosive realities in the different continents of the world. We have seen around 20,000 churches planted from Cuba to Eastern Europe and Asia. We Praise the Lord for the very fruitful partnership we have been working on for a long while.

Lately in the country of India we have been blessed to help six villages to develop schools and to feed the children that attend there. We have Government certified Christian teachers teaching them to read and write. We also have a cook and three helpers in each village. We also have a team of “chaplains” that teach them the Bible and how to have peace with God.

The children are so grateful because normally they are outcasts, no one wants to mix with them and nobody likes them simply because they are from another caste system. They are beautiful children and they are precious to God who made them! A number of them are coming to know Jesus in a personal way. The parents are grateful that we can feed them the main meal of the day while in our open air schools.

We are including a small video of a precious little girl teaching the Lord’s prayer to the rest of her class in her village. It is exciting that as we minister unto the least of these, Jesus counts it as if we are doing it to Him! What a grand blessing to have walked this path together and to continue to see new opportunities every day and every week!

Our own kids from way back when are in ministry – all three of them. The first one (Manny Jr.) is a pastor and is working on his doctorate. The second is a medical doctor (Elizabeth) serving in a missionary hospital in Africa. The third is a lawyer and married a seminary graduate (Sarah & Matt Peterson) and they are serving Indians and other people groups as well.

May God bless you indeed and make you shine brightest at home!

Manny & Glenda


Video of little girl in India.

World Link preaching & teaching in India.

Manny teaching in Kiev Ukraine.

This is Ruslan – our Ukrainian Director in Kiev – please pray for Ruslan and his family as well as all workers.

The whole Fernandez clan. We now have 7 grandkids and one more on the way!