Manny & Glenda Fernandez

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Manny & Glenda Fernandez
World Link Ministries

To our lovely family at Alderwood,
Warm greetings in the Lord! We are excited to greet you with good news of ongoing growth and progress. To be sure, we are not yet out of the woods with the Pandemic in India or Brazil and a few other places. We are happy to report that because of the strength of our ministry-team (like yourselves) we are helping to meet physical and spiritual needs in various places.

We have been able to help displaced families from South Sahara in southern Morocco. About 30 years ago or so, Dana & Vivian Huff helped us to acquire workers from Beirut, Lebanon for Morocco. There were two young men, Said and Youssef. Today, these are family men and servants of the Lord commanding teams of workers. Said has 21 workers who are making a great difference for eternity.
Said and his workers have been instrumental in helping the displaced families and sharing the Gospel with them, as well as providing for their physical needs. Earlier in the pandemic, it was the 21 workers and their families that needed the help to make it through a tight spot. By the Lord’s grace we were able to help them at that moment as well.

Today the need is desperate in India where we are taking help to a partnering mother church and her 11 daughter churches. None of us is sufficient for the indescribable need, but thanks be to God that He is in full control and still thrills at faith of loaves and fishes!
People are getting help for treatment kits for Corona patients. Some are getting groceries for their families. There are other day-wage earners who are without work and they are receiving help for their families’ basic needs. It is a joyful work that is going on as God has us doing things we normally don’t do on a daily basis. The best part is that the Gospel is going out at the point of distribution.

Thank you for being part of such a strategic team! God bless you at home as well!
Manny & Glenda


World Link preaching & teaching in India.

Lunch after Sunday services in Kiev

The Fernandez clan continues to grow! After this photo was taken, grand # 7, Seth Matthew Peterson, was born April 30.