Doug & Margaret Nichols

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Doug & Margaret Nichols
Commission To Every Nation

Greetings dear Alderwood friends,
Margaret and I praise the Lord for each of you! Let’s trust the Lord and pray that this year will be one of trusting God in difficulties as well as sharing the Gospel of Christ with many who are around us, as well as those beyond us!
A great Scripture to start the year comes from Paul, “And He has said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.’” (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).
THIS BUSY MONTH. In daily ministry for the Philippines we have much correspondence, bi-weekly publications to compile, “Wednesday News and Views,” “Serving Together” (for pastors, Christian workers and missionaries in the Philippines) and “From the Backroads of the Carolinas,” obtaining and shipping books and Bibles for needy pastors, taking care of guests, both of us having old-age doctor’s appointments, finalizing ministry yearly reports, and regular encouragement fellowship with area pastors and Christian workers.
52nd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Margaret and I celebrated our 52nd anniversary on December 27. God is good! It seems like just yesterday we were engaged, getting married and preparing for ministry in Japan; however, the Lord took us to the Philippines in 1970. ALDERWOOD WAS OUR FIRST SUPPORTING CHURCH.
When we married, we only had $25, but God in His abounding grace has provided for our needs over the years of service through you His people.
IN MISSIONS 53 YEARS. Margaret and I have been blessed to serve in local and foreign missions for 54 years (52 years together) and plan to continue until we go home to glory! We serve with Commission To Every Nation (CTEN) with 760 missionaries worldwide.
WHAT ABOUT YOU? Perhaps the Lord is leading you to serve overseas–in evangelism, discipleship and compassionate care, taking the Gospel to the poor, street children, prisoners, as well as to others.
THE LORD IS GOOD! We are so thankful for His provision in December especially through Alderwood and others to help many needy pastors and Christian workers (through our 13 gospel partners in the Philippines)!
Your generous funds helped to provide deliveries of food, medicine, relief items, clothing and even emergency cash for hundreds of pastors seriously affected by the pandemic, typhoons and floods! Funds also helped with shelter repairs and hospital expenses for pastors.
PARTNERSHIP WITH YOU. Praise the Lord for His provision through your gospel partnership. This enables us to continue in “full time ministry” (at ages 75 and 78) with needy pastors, prisoners, the poor, street and other needy children of the Philippines.
You are much appreciated. May our Lord be praised!
Doug & Margaret

Bags of food for Distribution during pandemic.

Contents of each bag.

A distribution team with sacks of rice.

Food distribution in Zimbales.

Contents of each bag.

Sacks of rice to be divided.

Cleanup from Typhoon.

Book distribution for pastors, many lost entire libraries in typhoon.

Pastors praying together in conference.