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Dave & Breanna Millard
Pioneer Bible Translators

Hello Alderwood family,
A lot has happened since writing last. A group of you, including Pastor Steve, came in January to help lead a week-long Galatians training. It not only opened the eyes and hearts of around 50 South Sudanese men and women, it also encouraged a Ugandan Pastor. Plus, it lifted our hearts. We love translating the Bible, but our real passion is seeing lives transformed through the Word of God. In the *Vidilaka language, Bre is currently working on getting Galatians ready for publishing. Consultant checking was scheduled for August, but it looks like it will be pushed back.
Directly after the training, our co-translator, *Silas, came from our African hometown. He, Bre and a consultant worked on getting Ephesians in the final stages before publishing. The consultant also helped Dave and our co-translator *Titus work on Haggai. After the consultant left, we headed to the capital for team meetings. Bre’s mom was able to come to help with the kids’ VBS. Then as we all know, Coronavirus hit the world. We evacuated all our guests in the night before the airport closed down, and prepared for lockdown. That was 3½ months ago.
Since then we have been working remotely on getting Galatians, 1 Corinthians, Joshua, Habakkuk, and Exodus exegetical checked. We have been encouraged by your support as a church family. Here in Africa, people are more relaxed about the tight government restrictions. Our friends and colleagues here have been more concerned for us. Are we going to leave? We have gotten numerous messages just to see how we are. The truth is that God has prepared us for this in many ways. We have been able to rest, regroup, work on translation remotely and help our team in various ways. We are heading back to our home up north soon. Please pray for us as that area is still in lockdown. Pray that we find ways to encourage our staff and continue work face-to-face when possible.
Thank you for continuing on this journey with us.
In Christ,
Dave, Bre, Gabe, Toby & Asher


Comprehension checking Ephesians with *Silas and *Vidilaka refugees.

Dave teaching at the Galatians training.

A *Vidilaka refugee reading the book of Luke for the first time.

Working with a consultant through Ephesians in our office with *Silas and *Titus.