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Dave & Breanna Millard
Pioneer Bible Translators

Greetings Alderwood Family!
We are delighted to write to you from East Africa where we have the great privilege of seeing translation and discipleship push forward despite the pandemic that we have all been enduring. God has been doing marvelous things. Despite lockdowns, our translators were more productive this last year! As restrictions on COVID loosened in the region we were able to bring Ephesians, Ruth, Jonah, Habakkuk and Haggai before the community leaders! They were amazed by the difference in quality they have seen in these recent texts. We are thrilled to see how community engagement in the translation process is paying off with a text that people understand and are itching to use!
The most important thing we can imagine doing is showing people how great our God is and thus seeing that transform them into people who love God and live justly in their communities. We are glad that translation is a tool for making this happen, but we ask for your prayers as we continue to invest in leaders through formal and informal training. Pray that more Vidilaka (pseudonym) will begin to commit to Jesus in life and ministry so that the church will grow and glory will resound to God! Pray for wisdom among pastors facing difficult situations and limited resources in local churches.
Of course, we’d be silly to pretend we aren’t having challenges. Covid restrictions are being used as political and social weapons, and the stability of local governments continues to be in question. May God bring wisdom, justice and peace. Furthermore, we experienced three deaths in our stateside family in 2020. God is bringing us through each of these trials. He’s been very kind. But please keep praying that we know our limits, prioritize our marriage and family, and continue to experience the joy of Christ in our daily lives. Please also pray for our organizational leadership as we expand. Pray that God shows us the right amount of leadership responsibility to take on.
More than ever we are convinced that God’s Word lived and believed produces the hope for humanity and the glory of God revealed. This is life, joy, and eternal happiness. Thank you for working with us to see this spread in East and North Africa. We will continue to pray that God gives you new ways forward to do so at ACC in this coming year.
For Jesus,
Dave, Bre, Gabe, Toby & Asher

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