Daniel & Sarah Deurbrouck

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The Deurbroucks – Daniel & Sarah

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We are excited to join the ranks of the missionaries here at Alderwood. Both of us have been on the trajectory towards overseas missions since high school, and then met at Moody Bible Institute. Daniel had spent his first year after high school at a Bible college just outside of Athens, Greece, and saw the great spiritual need in the country. The seed planted in his heart six years ago led to us both taking a three-month vision trip to Athens last fall. By the end of that trip, we felt confident that God was calling us to Greece.

Alderwood has been Sarah’s family ever since she was born…her parents, Dean & Reine Huber were even married in the sanctuary! ACC provided the spiritual foundation for Sarah’s life, and is the reason she initially became interested in overseas missions. So, we are very grateful that you, the Alderwood family, are continuing to support and encourage us, by being our sending church and choosing to support us as Alderwood missionaries.

Although Greece is a very “religious” country, services and Bibles to this day are only available in Biblical Greek…a language which is incomprehensible to modern-day Greeks. Religion in Greece today is an issue of nationality and tradition, not of changed hearts and lives trusting in Jesus. For this reason, we believe that church-planting is a crucial need in Greece. We will be joining an existing church-planting effort in Athens, led by The Greek Evangelical Church. After moving to Athens and completing language school, we will be paired up with a Greek church-planter and move into an unreached neighborhood in Athens. Through building relationships and sharing the gospel in our community, our goal will be to develop a neighborhood Bible study. When there are a sufficient number of people in the Bible study, we will transition to holding a Sunday morning church service. Once the new church plant is established and healthy, a Greek will pastor the church, and we will move on to help with another church plant in the city.