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Dan & Toshiko Lockwood

International Students, Inc.

Greetings, Alderwood Family!
Occasionally an international student will ask me to edit an essay or testimony, even a lab report. Shijo, from India, recently asked me to edit an application for what could be a helpful scholarship. Please pray for him. I am thankful that international friends value my ability to find a word, turn a phrase or shorten a sentence. One post-doc even thought I should be paid. (Unfortunately he never volunteered to do so!)
No doubt you’ve heard about China’s struggles to contain the dangerous coronavirus. Especially heart-wrenching was that it broke out during Chinese New Year, when millions would be crisscrossing the country to visit family. Instead, they were sequestered in their homes. Here at the University of Oregon, the visiting scholars who’ve returned to China have not yet been replaced. Let’s pray for this virus to soon be eradicated, and for God to use these events to His advantage.
One Chinese scholar friend was granted permission to stay longer in the U.S. Attending Friday night Bible studies and many other church and other Christian organization-sponsored events and activities, her interest goes beyond the standard line of learning ‘for the sake of understanding American people and culture.’ And she was surprised to learn that Oregon is among U.S. states with the lowest percentage of Christians, for practically all of her American friends are Christians(!). Please pray for her, her child and our other visiting scholars to come to Jesus while they’re here.

Before the coronavirus took over the news cycle, it was all about Iran, which has made having a conversation partner from Iran especially interesting. He is interested in experiencing church, just not now , but when his studies settle down. The UO has many Iranian (a.k.a., Persian) international students, actually. Please pray for his and others’ openness to Christ.
Although my requests have been pitifully subtle and intermittent, thanks to those of you who knew about and prayed for a second car for us. Toshiko and I love our 2014 Prius!

In other family news, Malaya (14) has been performing with the North Eugene High School Ukulele Club, and Evan performed Japanese songs with his 2nd grade class at Eugene’s Asian Celebration this weekend. Evan turned eight this month, and last month Eli turned 12.

Thank you for your partnership and your prayers!

Dan, Toshiko, Elayna, Malaya, Eli & Evan