Dan & Toshiko Lockwood

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Dan & Toshiko Lockwood
International Students, Inc.

Hello, Alderwood Family!
“I have one question: … ” says SP, a visiting scholar now home in China, when our Friday night Bible study pauses for questions. SP almost always has at least one penetrating question. This study, in partnership with Eugene-Springfield Chinese Church, is a unique mix of young and mature, ministry-minded American believers and international seekers. SP’s question last Friday night: “Why couldn’t the disciples recognize Jesus?” (John 21:4)
SP rearranges his day to meet with us from many time zones away, and his sincerity moves me to tears. Thank you, Alderwood, for your partnership with us in getting the gospel to the nations. Thank you for praying for international students and scholars like SP to trust Christ and become life-long disciples.
So we soldier on through Zoom fatigue to meet with students in English clubs, Bible studies and other special events; and though our county is in the “Extreme (COVID) Risk” category, we deliver goodies to students in person at least once a month. We’re all eager for this pandemic to be behind us.
Toshiko enjoys her part-time work at Sunrise Asian market, where many of our students also shop. 🙂 Lately she has been meeting for Bible study and fellowship with our son’s classmate’s Japanese mom who is a new believer. Please pray for growth for Y, and salvation for her family. Speaking of family, our family now has three teenagers (Eli turned 13!). Elayna will graduate high school this June(!)
Lastly, my online Biola University education is expanding my knowledge, improving my critical thinking and enriching my understanding of God’s word. I have at least a couple of semesters left, and while it has been rewarding, it has also been exhausting. Each term is like drinking from a fire hose. And doing school and ministry together has been like riding two horses. My hope and prayer, however, is to be able to communicate the gospel more compellingly and help more people (like SP) recognize and respond to Jesus! Thank you for prayers and support!

Dan, Toshiko, Elayna, Malaya, Eli & Evan

My coworkers and I handing out quilts made by church ladies to students from (in order) China, Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

Our family hosting a Chinese scholar and her daughter (back to the camera), playing Jenga.

Zoom meeting with Friday night Bible studiy in partnership with our local Chinese Church.