Dan & Toshiko Lockwood

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Dan & Toshiko Lockwood
International Students, Inc.

Hello, Alderwood Family!
Imagine taking a road trip in a foreign country and having your car break down, thirty miles from the nearest town, where there is no cell phone reception. My friend Ramone (not his real name) is a PhD student from India who, before this pandemic, was a regular on our weekly shopping shuttle. Now he owns his own car. One day after a recent oil change, Ramone and his wife took a road trip to one of Oregon’s natural wonders, a waterfall hike. Unfortunately the trip was cut short by blue smoke spewing from their car. When he pulled over and lifted the hood, he found motor oil covering everything! His oil cap was missing!
The day after this happened, I agreed to accompany Ramone to the shop where his oil had been changed, to ask, among other things, if they would reimburse him for the $500 it took to get his car towed back to Eugene. The manager unfortunately refused responsibility, despite his shop being the last people to have touched the car. In the parking lot, Ramone and I felt dejected. Was ‘lawyering up’ now our only option? I asked Ramone if I could pray with him and for this situation. I prayed in Jesus’ name for God to intervene, to bring about a much better resolution.
When we arrived back at his apartment, Ramone received a call from the same manager. He agreed not only to refill Ramone’s oil and purchase a new oil cap, but also to cover the cost of towing his car! Praise the Lord! We are hopeful now that no further damage was done to the engine, but if so, that the oil change shop could also cover it.
Thank you, Alderwood Church, for partnering with us as we serve international students in Eugene and introduce them to Jesus, especially during this challenging time when in-person meetings have been severely limited. I have had the privilege of meeting lately in person with another Indian young man, this one a PhD in the Philosophy of Religion. And at least three Chinese scholars attending our weekly Zoom gatherings are showing much spiritual interest. God is still at work, and we are blessed to be your co-laborers in Christ!

Dan, Toshiko, Elayna, Malaya, Eli & Evan

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