Dan & Beth Taggart

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Dan & Beth Taggart
Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos
Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. You are a big help in sharing the best news ever with Navajos and beyond here in Northern Arizona! We appreciate you!
We had a great Christmas outreach season back in December. At least 40 people made professions of faith. At a remote school in one class, the teacher and whole class chose Jesus! One Sunday morning we went to Bird Springs Chapter House Meeting, which was well attended as the Navajo President and his wife came to sign approval for a nursing home to be built within the chapter. (A chapter is a community much smaller than a county.) President Nez also spent time talking with the people and shared that Mrs T. (Dan’s mom, Dale, who has been a FMN missionary since 1960!) was a big part of him becoming a Christian while attending Kayenta Bible Church as a child. As a teen he went on a mission trip with Dan and some others to Mexico. The president has started a summit of church leaders to help the churches with their leases, how to deal with issues that come up on the reservation, and to encourage the believers. The team at FMN has been heavily involved in this effort. We are thankful for a believing Navajo President at this time.
Danielle turned 11 the end of January and celebrated with friends in an escape room and then home for pizza, cake and ice cream. She keeps on practicing piano with some prodding or incentive. She still loves school and keeps her grades up well. At her last gymnastic meet she got her highest all around score ever…two more meets to go!
FMN’s monthly Day of Prayer was held at Black Falls Bible Church this month…Dan went there and shared a devotional on the doctrine of the trinity.
Our financial support has been about 80% and we are thankful for that! Thank you for partnering with us to reach others for Him!!
Because of Him,
Daniel, Beth, and Danielle

Dan, Beth and Danielle with Dan’s mom, Dale (back when Dan had Bels Palsey)
Dan, Beth and Danielle with Dan's mom, Dale (back when Dan had Bels Palsey)

Navajo President Nez and his wife came to sign approval for a nursing home to be built.

Danielle’s class Christmas party at Flagstaff Christian School

Christmas Outreach at at Dillon Bible Church