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Cory & Kristine Cramer
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Greetings to our Alderwood Family and Happy Mothers Day!
(Especially to my own Mom—Cheryl Cramer. Best. Mom. Ever.)
Hope you are reading this in good health and trust in our Great God. I have been constantly reminded of the sovereignty and omniscience of God. Has there ever been a time where the entire global church is reminding one another of God’s sovereignty, goodness and power before?
The situation in Albania has been intense. Somewhere in mid-March the entire country was locked down. At the beginning of this pandemic, when little was understood, we decided to stay in Albania and wait it out. There’s been no travel, no driving, and only one person per household has been allowed to go out for supplies with a permit. So we’ve been together A LOT and our kids have obviously loved this never-ending family life.
Our church has been unable to meet, and so we have been doing our best to do ministry with technology. But for many Albanians, this just isn’t an option. We began to see that the vast majority of people were out of work and quickly going to run out of money to buy food.
This is when God gave our church a huge opportunity. We began to email and let people know that they could donate $35 which would supply a family of five with food and hygiene items for a week. We weren’t sure if people would be able to give in the midst of the pandemic, but we have been overwhelmed by the response and have raised enough to feed hundreds of families for weeks.
Members from our church packed up boxes and have delivered them to families all over our city. The local government began to partner with our church and by working together with them, thousands in our town have been touched by the church and witnessed the love of Christ.
I hope this encourages you. In some ways, everything has changed for a while, but not God’s goodness and His ability to use the church to love others. Praise Him today, because He is unchanging and He is our Rock.
God bless you all!
Cory, Kristine, Shiloh, Taliah, Jude & Finn