Christopher & Nancy Zoolkoski

Reine Huber Missionary Updates

Christopher & Nancy Zoolkoski

SIM – Galmi Hospital, Niger

Dear Alderwood Family,
We write to you feeling surprised and yet not surprised. Surprised seeing how different our world has become in so short a time. Not surprised knowing that this world has never been, and never will be, a stable place.
We are presently in Southern California, residing with Nancy’s mother. We came home to attend to her and to some other family needs. Our return to Niger has been complicated by the coronavirus as the Niger borders, including the international airport in Niamey, remain closed.
At this current ministry base, we are doing additional language study in French and Hausa. We are also providing logistical support in purchasing and shipping needed supplies and equipment to the hospital. Thankfully the air freight companies are still operational.
The Coronavirus has had an impact on our Galmi Team and we have made difficult but necessary adjustments, including canceling elective surgeries. We remain open to treat all of the emergencies, of which there are plenty. These include the accidents, the women in obstructed labor, and the infections from typhoid fever, pneumonia, malaria, and dysentery. These adjustments have put us in the red financially. Normally we use the revenue from our elective surgeries to cover operating costs, of which the largest is the salaries of our employees. We’ve invested heavily in our staff and they are our greatest resource. We want to avoid lay-offs as much as possible and we want to continue paying our staff their wages through this crisis.
Please pray for the timing of our return to Niger. We are eager to rejoin our team and to help lighten the heavy load they are carrying.
Thank you for your support and prayers.
Christopher & Nancy

Christopher commuting to work

Morning rounds in the hospital

Nancy teaching literacy

Visit with a rural pastor and his family

Dinner at the end of a long day