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Bruce & Carol Ingram
ACTION International
Pastoral Leadership Development

Dear Alderwood Family,
Thank you for your prayers and support as we serve Christ and His mission together! We are praying for Christ’s strength to help you cope with our pandemic circumstances. (Philippians 4:11-13)
God is opening NEW DOORS of ministry development for us.
Internet Pastor Training Ministry. With travel restrictions, Bruce responded to five non-Western pastors who requested training. One of the pastors, Christopher, is in Malawi. We meet virtually three hours weekly. There are no Bible schools in the area, 87% of the people are subsistence farmers with a yearly household income of $90USD. He shared that the pastors (many have no Bibles) have not been discipled in the Word of God. Pray for Bibles. Consequently, the prosperity gospel is very prevalent. I sent him materials on discipleship groups for multiplying disciples. He shared he was praying for God to work and now he knows what to do. He has conducted one-day pastor conferences in five districts to around 300 pastors using the lessons I sent him. We then prepared the follow-up ministry plan and lessons. Pastor Christopher conducted two-day follow-up trainings, with eight pastors in each district, on starting mentor groups. Pray the 40 pastors trained will start the mentor groups with other pastors for multiplying disciples. Each pastor was given a Bible. Pastors teaching the prosperity gospel can be envious. Two pastors who were bitter were reconciled during the training. Pray for the mentor groups to bring healing, reconciliation and unity as a testimony to Christ and the building of His kingdom. Christopher reported that five pastors came to him with tears in their eyes. They confessed they were pastors only to make money by selling such items as anointing oil that supposedly had supernatural powers. All five accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord! Pray for pastors who do not know Christ to repent and believe in Him as their Savior and Lord. This week, Christopher is visiting each district to encourage the mentor groups for pastors that have started and to teach them Biblical Stewardship. (Update: 55 mentor groups have started in one district!)
Pray for Safe Travel to Resume. Virtual training expands the ministry and is not a replacement of visiting ministry teams. Virtual communication cannot replace incarnational presence as demonstrated by Christ.
Praising God!
Bruce & Carol

Pastor Chistopher, wife and son

One day pastors conference on multiplying disciples to Christ.

Two-day training for mentor group leaders (dramatizing Christ washing feet of disciples/Servant leadership).

Mentor group leaders were given Bibles at Two-Day Training.